Our Story

Kelly isn’t a faceless corporation. She isn’t a seasoned tech expert and she isn’t a guy in a suit trying to make a quick buck in the femtech space. Kelly is a mum, a wife, a friend – she is a real woman. A real woman who has experienced real issues with incontinence.

Unlike large corporations, Kelly truly understands the effects bladder issues have on the quality of a woman’s life. As a vivacious, active and fun loving woman in her late 40’s, there isn’t much that will keep Kelly from having a good time. Whether it’s on the hockey pitch, the dance floor or running around after her 6 kids, she is always living life to the full. But there was one thing that would stop Kelly in her tracks, and that was, well – pissing herself!

After having her children, Kelly experienced the same issues with incontinence as 7 million women in the UK. This common problem leads to usually happy, sparky women feeling unattractive, embarrassed and frustrated – all emotions Kelly has experienced thanks to her weak pelvic floor. But Kelly is not one to take things lying down. She created BP3 pants so she could get back to enjoying life despite her incontinence – and now she wants to help you.

Fed up with leaks?

We make absorbent and washable underwear for unparalleled protection against periods and leaks – from menstruation to incontinence. Our underwear is soft, breathable, protects against odour and is designed with seam-free edges.


light flow, active

Perfect for sporty, active women, at the beginning or end of their period. Great under fitted clothes for going out. Low-cut, scalloped bottom and elasticated middle seam for no riding up or visible panty line. 


moderate to heavy, everyday

Same cut as the Sporty Hip Hugger but with a more absorbent gusset that rises all the way up to the back waistband. For moderate to heavy leaks and periods. With minimal visible panty line.


light flow, active

Perfect for light leaks and at the beginning or end of your period. Sitting comfortably on the hips with our signature scalloped edge for no VPL and elasticated middle seam for no riding up. 


light flow, active

Great under tight clothes and gym wear. For the beginning and end of your period or light bladder leakage. High waisted and elasticated middle for no riding up. 


moderate to heavy, everyday

Perfect for night-time protection, or for those with heavier periods (or in the middle of their period). For greater security and protection from urine leaks. A fuller bottom with laced edge. 

Group buy to Singapore

Our next group buy to Singapore is 9 December 2020. Get your orders in before 10pm, 8 December 2020.

We will proceed only with a minimum group order of 30 pieces.

Please send an email to shop[at]thedellahq[dot]com if you are having trouble ordering on our site!