Sexual Healing


Our Story

Our interest in sexual health originated from personal experience with sexual dysfunctions. We realized there are so many taboos around sexuality that it is causing a lack of accessibility and knowledge to care for sexual health issues. Everyone has a different experience of sexuality. Nuance and flexibility are essential parts.

We started our design process with interviewing both healthcare professionals and experts by experience, and continue developing our products with their input. 

Finding a way to explore your body and discover your sexuality in a safe and non-clinical way are some of the most important reasons for starting Sexual Healing. 

With Sexual Healing we want to break taboos with an honest approach and offer new perspectives. We do this by actively increasing and sharing our knowledge. In this way, we want to continue building bridges between science and real sex lives.

The Mirror

Designed to take a comfortable look, the Mirror helps you to discover and learn from your body.

Take control of your body image

We have an understanding of our anatomy from pictures or porn, but all anatomy of vulvas is unique, natural, and beautiful.


Get in touch with your sexuality

It’s important to get to know your own body well. Getting a better idea of what you look like helps you discover what brings you pleasure and what you don’t like. When having sex with a partner, it’s easier to indicate what you enjoy.


Become pro active about your health

You know your body best. Being able to look at yourself from all angles can help you to tell the difference when something feels off.